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The purpose of the "biotic movement" is agriculture with respect for the surrounding nature, fauna and flora
We simply move back to the roots using modern methods and technologies, which is one of the best ways to reduce, or even stop the dependence on the use of chemicals in agricultural production, stop polluting groundwater, and at the same time preserving biodiversity, protecting bees and the animals living in the area.

Artificial fertilisers and pesticides (herbicides, fungicides...) are replaced by natural ones.
An example is the fertilization with residual organic material enriched of noble mould rice from laboratory, which eliminates the amount of nematodes in the soil, protecting the root system of the plant, so it remains healthy and more resistant to pests
The plant then doesn't need insecticides, which kill bees and insects - food for birds. 

This system maintains greater water use efficiency, promotes flowering
ecosystem and protects insects, soil microbes and the carbon cycle
. It is used, for example, by our partner Taboga Sugar Refinery in Costa Rica, which has its own development programme and laboratory in the middle of the cane fields, where it also monitors and protects wildlife by creating wooded groves and 'islands of life'. 

Another of our partners, the Valdez sugar mill in Ecuador, has invested in the Rebird project, creating bird sanctuaries on their sugar cane plantations, which has helped to improve the environment, enrich the soil and keep fertiliser and pesticides to a minimum.

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