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Who are we? 

We are traders; we trade food commodities from 5 continents. In comparison
to the other traders, our particularity is that we know the botany of what we supply,we know the soul of its land, its growers and manufacturers. We participate, actively and passively in its development, protection, availability and transmission of what it is and what are its values.
We do what we do because we know how to do it, we know why we
are doing it and we know how to be a healthy link in the chain of our product’s
We believe in meritocracy, consequently we have a duty towards the well being of our farmers and our manufacturers.
Most of the products we supply require lots of physical and mental work, huge
amount of know-how and lots of passion and willingness.


  • Non-GMO 

  • Biotic sustainable agriculture

  • Direct fair trade

  • Organic certification

  • Halal / Kosher

  • Respect of nature and ecological packaging (towards zero waste)

Catalogue of Sugar

  • Click here to download our Sugar catalogue 2022


Catalogue of Rice and Tapioca

  • Click here to download our Rice and Tapioca catalogue 2022

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